Collective enterprise Prodtovari is Ukrainian producer of eco-products. The main activities are the next groups of products:

Our company is presented on the market of Ukraine and near abroad more than 30 years. There were extensive renovation of the enterprise in 2000 and 2010.  These let us to reach new high-quality technological level of production, to extend the range of products, saving traditional recipes of the South of Ukraine.

CE Prodtovari is:

Products of CE “Prodtovari” characterized not only by its quality level, but also its wide assortment, which account more than 100 sku. Also, customers can choose packaging, from 0.2 liters to 3 liters, depending on their suggestions.

The company cooperates with international retail and distribution, national and regional commercial networks, system distributors of Ukraine, as well as with wholesale companies.

A large number of our trade partners place orders for more than 30 well-known in  Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, EU, Northern America and Middle East Private Labels. These trademarks are: TM Hozyayushka (Germany), TM Dr. Juice (Poland), ТМ Jura Natural Fruits (Hungary), ТМ Vichy (Hungary), ТМ Juicy Ruby (USA), ТМ Kazbegi (Georgia), ТМ Delikat (Israel), TM Kozen Den (Auchan), TM Subbota, TM Semerka (Tavria), TM Kopeyka (Kopeyka), TM Svitla Dolyna, TM Ogonyok, TM Demyanovich, TM Marivanna, TM Nash Kray, TM Sadyba, TM Shedriy Pan, ТМ Easy&Good, TM Vchasno do stolu, TM Felicita, TM Kladovochka, TM Paprichi etc.

Our company is considering options for placing orders for products under Private Label according to individual recipes, developing individual recipes at the request of the customer, as well as  toll production, which includes not only the provision of raw materials by the customer, but also all components of the products.

Pricing in our company in each case is individual, based on the wishes of the client and market trends.

We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation and productive relations that will bind our companies for many years!